What I like most about my life as a musician is the variety it involves.

In my performing life I play weddings, house parties, dinners, concert venues, malls and many other settings.  One day I am playing violin for a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour and the next evening I am playing a violin, vocal & guitar gig at a folk club.  I get to play and sing classical, folk, original music, pop, musical theatre, jazz – pretty much everything.

It’s exciting to sit down with a couple and help them to discover what specific music will put the finishing touches to their wedding day.  I like to create a unique feel to compliment the couple or event for any gig that I am hired to perform.

I also teach students ranging in age from 5 – 65 in both private and group settings.  My goal is to provide each student with the learning environment they need to learn to play the violin and grow as a musician and an individual.